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" The Universe sends us exactly what we are ready for at the exact time we need it in our lives. "
by Sending Light, Brooke

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Anonymous inquired Sanam i need your advice, i just got a really bad mark (64%) on a group assignment i worked really hard on and before this mark I've never received anything below a high credit and i feel like i've been punched in the face esp. after such an awful day. If you were me, how would you approach this? (I'm so sorry if i'm raining on a good day, it's just that i admire you and your resilience and positive outlook)

Hello precious, firstly I wanna say, don’t panic! It sounds like you’re a fantastic student and with your grades, this group assignment (which usually aren’t weighted very heavily in your years grades, ie. only worth 5-10%) shouldn’t bring your grade down at all! 
But, if you feel as though the assignments grade is low due to the rest of your groups participation, I’d organise to meet with the course coordinator and talk to he/she about how you feel as if this grade does not reflect on your participation and efforts fairly. Don’t speak badly about any of your other group members though, this will make you look bitter or unprofessional. Just speak about your own efforts and your concern for your GPA which obviously means alot to you! I’m sure the coordinator will appreciate your concern and how highly you regard your studies, and if you can explain the parts you did and how you believe you worked hard on your part, you may be able to get your grade increased! 
If not, don’t stress, remember that these group assignments are mainly practice for students to understand how things work in the work force, and don’t usually weight heavily, and there’s always other assignments you can work really high on to outweigh any assignments you feel didn’t do your GPA justice! Keep positive and keep me posted on how it all goes :) 

and I’ve finally learned to accept that anyone who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve, should be thrown out of your life!

You don’t need anyone that doesn’t treat you in the lovely way you deserve. You don’t need negative energy or people ignoring or taking advantage of your fantastic qualities. 

Get up every day, tell yourself you’re fucking fabulous, and get a move on to succeeding at all your goals and aspirations! 

Anyone who isn’t adding to your happiness is just subtracting from your life.